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Wherever you call home; a city condo, high rise apartment, rural house or a suburban townhouse, the  Held Insurance Agency can help you find the right Illinois homeowners insurance policy that fits your needs. Whether you are a first time  homeowner, relocating to the area, or simply reviewing your current home insurance, the Held Insurance Agency is here for you. We specialize in making it simple to choose an insurance policy that works best for you. Contact us today to find out what we can do.

Illinois Home Insurance can come in different policy types, we will help you determine which one fits your needs.


Your home is one of the most expensive things you will buy. Make sure its properly covered so that it can be rebuilt in case the worst happens. These types of homes are usual single family or duplex homes. Lets discuss your home and design a plan to insure it.


Townhouse insurance is slightly different than your regular home insurance.  It needs to take into account a few things that your regular homeowners policy may not address. Things like: homeowners association, assessments, common walls/areas and more. Lets review your plan and make sure your policy is set up correctly.


You own a condo and now you need to cover what's inside.  Your condo associations master insurance will not cover your belongings, but it may not cover the walls, cabinets, flooring and other items as well. Lets review your association policy and determine what needs to be in your policy to cover the potential gaps between your policy and the association insurance.


You rent an apartment, condo or even a home. Typically, your landlord is responsible for insuring the building. You need to cover your belongings since it wont be covered under the landlords policy. Your renter policy should cover things like cloths, furniture, computer or other personal property.


Your personal belongings are typically covered in various home insurance  policies as personal property coverage. Items that are included are cloths, furniture, sport equipment, jewelry, artwork and more. Keep in mind some items may need special coverage such as jewelry and artwork. Lets discuss these items and make sure all your personal items are properly insured.


You own the home, condo or townhouse but don't live there. You rent it out and need landlord insurance to cover the property and provide liability insurance. Having the wrong policy may not provide some coverage such as loss of income. Lets make sure the right policy is in place.


Your home policy provides some liability protection. But is it enough to protect all your assets in case you get sued? Umbrella liability helps provide defense costs and funds in case a judgement is made against you. Lets discuss why this is a commonly overlooked coverage.


Your rent out your home for vacation rentals.  Many home policies don't allow for short term rentals and you may not have coverage you need.  Lets discuss and make sure you have coverage in place.


You own a home and no one lives at that location.  It can be classified as a vacant home.  Most insurance polices don't allow vacancy and can cause problems or denial if a claim occurs. Choosing the right policy is critical.

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