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No, we are not implying you fancy yourself the next Washington or Lincoln. But are you the proud owner or founder of one of the estimated 59% of established businesses in the United States that operate from a home? Then, even if your face doesn’t appear on Mount Rushmore, for your business you are still the top dog, head cheese, or grand high poobah. So welcome to your month, Ms. or Mr. President!

But just as you realize that there are similarities to all businesses, wherever located, you also know there are often concerns, considerations and risks unique to a home-based environment....


A little extra caution can go a long way while driving at night in Illinois

Summer has ended, and while fall and winter have their own pleasures — including weekend trips to Wisconsin — longer nights mean increased danger on the roads.

You might think you drive just as well at night, but consider this: Even though nighttime driving accounts for just 23% of vehicle miles traveled, more than 50% of fatalities for vehicle occupants 16 and older occur between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., according to the National Safety Commission (NSC).

Because we’re big advocates...


Storing a classic car through the winter

If you’re a classic car owner, surely you are committed to ensuring it stays in tip-top shape throughout all the seasons, especially the winter when it most likely will be unused for a while. Any period of inactivity requires a number of preparatory steps to prevent damage. The most critical actions are what to look for in a storage location, what to do prior to storage, and how to cover your beloved beauty.

Choose a storage location with care. Where you store your car might be the most important factor...


Having car insurance in Illinois is required by state law. It's frustrating that the cost can sometimes be unreasonable. You're in the driver's seat when it comes to lowering auto insurance rates.

Here are a few simple ideas to help you make premiums reasonable:

  1. Shop your insurance - Get multiple quotes. The easiest way to do this is to work with an independent insurance agency like the Held Insurance Agency who has access to multiple insurance carriers.

  2. Raise your deductible - This will help lower your insurance premiums. Make sure you have some funds...


Flooding can happen at any time, and as your local Independent Insurance Agent, I want to make sure you are / your family is / your business is prepared for hidden flood risks in your area.

In towns and cities like Mount Prospect and DesPlaines, there’s more development and fewer places for water to go. Heavy rain can become a flash flood in minutes, causing serious damage to your home and possessions / business.

FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are encouraging all Mount Prospect and DesPlaines residents and business owners to...


Clients often think they don’t need renters insurance — “Nothing I have is worth that much,” they’ll say, or “I don’t have a lot of stuff.”

That’s how most people think of renter’s coverage: protection for stuff, and nothing more. After all, it’s inexpensive and it doesn’t even cover the structure itself. So how important can it be, especially if you don’t think you have anything valuable to protect?

Plenty important, because you have more to protect than you realize. You just have to stop thinking only about “stuff.” Here are three key financial protections a renters policy...


Household safety tips change with the season

As days get shorter and nights get longer, our habits begin to change. Most of us typically spend more time hunkering down at home and less time frolicking at the beach. That usually means resuming favorite fall pastimes like huddling through Chicago Bears games on Sunday and drinking hot cocoa on the sidelines of our little ones’ soccer games.

Arriving along with the season of autumn is a host of safety hazards we didn’t have to think about over the summer, creating the need for a little...


A ring from a loved one. A bracelet handed down through generations. A watch or necklace marking a special occasion.

Every reason why you treasure a piece of fine jewelry is a reason why it should be insured.

However, calling it “jewelry insurance” may be a stretch. You don’t need a separate policy to insure your jewelry. You just need to ensure you have the right personal property coverage from your homeowners, condo, or renters insurance.

Jewelry coverage helps protect the investment you’ve made in your favorite pieces by helping you replace them if you experience a...


The threat of a lawsuit is all too real in today’s society. You conceivably could be subject to allegations of liability for bodily injury — for example, as a result of an auto accident that hurts another person. You could even be sued for poor judgment — for example, if you were to post defamatory comments online that caused damage to someone else’s reputation.

If you find yourself named in a lawsuit and have homeowner’s insurance, your policy will offer personal liability coverage that is generally considered broad in scope — but it doesn’t cover everything. Also, the limits...


Maybe you’ve been here before. You’ve just come off the plane, picked up your baggage and gone to the rental car counter. You’re tired from the flight, about to begin an ambitious vacation or a challenging business project. And, this is the point at which you’re asked, “Do you want insurance with that?”

Most travelers, facing that question from the rental representative, have the vague notion that they don’t really need to buy rental car insurance – which somehow is covered already. With just enough doubt in their minds, and the need to make a quick decision, perhaps they buy it just...


Many individuals set up their Illinois auto insurance simply because the State of Illinois requires you to have it to drive in Illinois. They never understand the coverage and how it can help protect their vehicle and financial security.

Auto insurance basics, what's required in Illinois:

Illinois Law requires that an auto have a minimum liability protection of $25,000 bodily injury per person, $50,000 bodily injury per accident and $20,000 property damage. This is commonly referred to as “state minimum coverage.” This Is the amount you legally need to drive in Illinois....


Risks increase while temperatures decrease. Make sure your home and roof are prepared and protected

in the snowy months with these top tips:

Is your roof protected? Apply coating to help your roof endure poor weather conditions. Do this early,

well before winter and bad weather hits.

Got a snow plan? Snow on your roof can be heavy and is a major hazard. Secure a plan for removing it.

Prevent Frozen Pipes. As winter months near, make sure to routinely drain your pipes to prevent frozen

pipes and cracks. Shut off water when necessary.



As an Insurance Agent in Illinois I have seen the claims that most people say “It will never happen to me”. Many times those claims are lawsuits. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family is having an umbrella liability insurance policy.

An umbrella liability policy in Illinois provides additional liability coverage beyond your home, auto or other policy liability limits. On occasion, it can be the only option to provide liability coverage.

Ask yourself a simple question: If I were injured in any way, I would sue some for $____?

A. $10,000 B....


Many individuals set up their home insurance but never really understand their coverages. We want to provide you with some basic understanding of your Illinois homeowners insurance and some of the main coverage for single family homeowners policy. Please keep in mind policies have optional coverage that can be important to consider.

Dwelling this coverage is designed for the physical structure of the main building. It's calculated based on the construction values of similar homes in your area. Market value can also be used if the market value of the home is less than the...


One of the main questions I've been getting asked over the past few weeks is: What is an Independent Insurance Agent? The question was asked because of my recent move from being a captive insurance agent to becoming an independent insurance agent. Many people didn't realize that agents can handle multiple insurance companies and only believed that an insurance agent only represents one company. I wanted to give you a few thoughts on what it is to be an independent insurance agent versus a captive agent.

An independent insurance agent has access to multiple Insurance carrier's. They...